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Social Media Community Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines are to help create a safe environment for all on our social media channels run by Westminster Designs PTY LTD. Our social media channels aim to engage safely with our community and provide information for the general public so they can stay up-to-date with our work and get involved with what we do. We wish to encourage respectful discussion, information sharing, encouragement, and individuality. 

We ask that all those who wish to communicate on our social media channels be respectful to all other members and create a safe and vibrant place for our online community to share their stories and views.

To help us create this safe community, we ask that you follow and agree with our guidelines when engaging with our social media channels below.

Posting Guidelines

Breach of Guidelines 

Should any posts not adhere to the above guidelines, we reserve the right to hide or delete them. Users who repeatedly fail to uphold these guidelines will be blocked from our social media channels.

We also have the right to report any comments that we deem appropriate to law enforcement authorities or emergency services.

If you see a post or comment that breaches these guidelines or makes you feel uncomfortable, please contact us by sending a direct message on our social media channels or emailing

Your happiness and safety are important to us so let’s work together to ensure our community can create a positive environment for all!

Thank you for your participation

Additional Links

If you would like to talk to a professional, please see the links below:


Children &Teenagers | Kids Helpline 

Adults | Lifeline

United States

Children &Teenagers | Child Help and Your Life Your Voice  

Adults | Open Counseling and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

United Kingdom

Children & Teenagers |  NSPCC 

Adults | The Samaritans and Mind