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It used to be thought that bullying was only a boys problem, however it is now known that bullying among girls is just as prevalent.  Although, girls bully in a more psychological way, it is just as damaging as physical bullying.

It is important to understand the behavioral patterns among bully girls as this knowledge can help you understand the reasons why some girls like to use intimidation as a way of interacting with others. This understanding can also help in forming specific tactics which can be used to handle the bullying tactics that are employed by some girls. It is also important to understand what bullying behavior is and what the most effective methods are in so far as dealing with such bullying goes.

When it comes to handling bully girls, it is important to begin by identifying the different types of bullying behaviors and by looking at examples of such behavior it will be possible to deal with such girls in a more effective manner. There is certainly a difference between bullying and teasing. So, it is important to know how to distinguish one from the other.

At the same time, it is equally important to identify specific instances of bullying tactics being employed by certain girl bullies. There is also, in addition, a pressing need to understand how bullying affects the victims and how by employing the right strategies, it is possible to negate the impact that bullying has on the victims.

Parents as well as teachers need to be involved in controlling bullying by girls. It is also necessary that the girl bullies be handled in a manner that helps to promote better behavior among them. Though bullying is a tactic that is widely employed by boys, it has recently also been found that girls too use this tactic although this bullying is much more subtle when practiced by girls as opposed to the more direct bullying performed by boys.

As long as the hows and whys of bullying among girls is identified and understood.

RJ Sullivan