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You cannot change what you are, only what you do.

— Philip Pullman


If Grace is Dead I Killed Her

Teen Bullying Gone Bad

When her cruelty spirals toward tragedy, can a mean girl ever discover the power of kindness?

Fourteen-year-old Maddie Hunter desperately longs to matter. Neglected by a single mum consumed by drinking and hooking up, the queen bee fights feelings of invisibility by striking out at those on her hit list. When a romance with the hot new boy in town blossoms, she has high hopes for happiness until her bad behavior leads to another dead end. Hell-bent on revenge, Maddie’s malice spins out of control and catches the stern attention of school officials. But when her rage targets a shy nerd in a spiteful scheme, the consequence of her actions might prove lethally irreversible.

Can Maddie turn herself around in time to save lives? Including her own?

T.G. Starr is a collective group of creative people from Australia and America who have one mission: spread knowledge about anti-bullying, kindness, and positivity through reading and education.

TG Starr is you too – all your stories, tragedies, and triumphs and the challenges you face every single day as you make the fateful decision to be kind…or not. 

TG Starr is…us all!

We’ll share another secret too…TG is a name endearingly borrowed from someone very dear who left us way too soon. 

TG Starr’s mission is to shine as bright as possible by having a copy of this book in as many schools as possible, aiming towards 10,000 schools across the globe.

Our mantra is, “Something great is going to happen today. I will do what I can to be a part of creating a great moment for someone else.” 

To find out more or join the Kind Hearts Club or donate a book to a school or organization, head to Buy a book for a school page, the TG Starr Books Facebook, or Instagram page. 

Thank you for being part of the Kind Heart movement.

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